Why I Love My Cashmere Travel Wraps

Why I Love My Cashmere Travel Wraps

Cashmere Travel Wraps are the most versatile travel clothing item I own.  Scarves, blankets, ponchos, and capes all technically fall under the travel wrap umbrella.  Not surprisingly, as the owner of Jet&Bo, I own cashmere wraps in many of the neutral colors, plus two cashmere ponchos.

Ever since I’ve started traveling with them, the cashmere travel wrap has been a huge game-changer for my travel style.  My biggest packing decision is do I take one or two, and which colors…  If a shorter trip, then I’ll just take one and it’s almost always my gray one, as gray goes with everything.

Whenever I take a long-haul flight I wear my travel wrap as a long scarf to save space in my luggage and if it’s cold on the plane (and it almost always is) I transform it into a blanket.  If it’s a short flight I wear my cashmere poncho, which is basically a wearable blanket that looks great.

I regularly use the cashmere wrap when traveling in cold air-conditioned places like museums and as my evening attire to keep out the chill.  It’s compact and lightweight, so easy to store in my handbag all day until I need it.  I’ll even use it as a throw blanket for quick naps or chill sessions in my hotel room.

On an extended vacation in Europe a few years ago, I was faced with the dilemma of needing to cover my shoulders every time I entered a place of worship.  Every main tourist city in Europe has a number of places of worship worthy of a visit, so I seemed to be visiting one frequently.  The travel wrap was perfect for this every time.

Cashmere can be dry cleaned or hand washed, so it is easy to clean on your travels if needed.  A little bit of hair shampoo with lukewarm water in the hotel bathroom sink works well - the gentler the shampoo the better.

I have cashmere wraps in both a 7-gauge and 12-gauge knit.  I prefer the 12-gauge as it’s a tighter knit which produces a denser fabric and keeps me warmer.  The 12-gauge knit is also less susceptible to being snagged on something and ending up with a pull or a hole.  However, the 7-gauge certainly has its benefits too.  The 7-gauge knit is looser and as there is less cashmere it’s lighter with the overall effect being a light airy feeling of warmth all around you.  The 7-gauge works wonderfully as a scarf as well as it’s not too heavy and easily wrapped.

Travel wraps are the swiss army knife of travel accessories. They are a stylish addition to any outfit and can be used as a blanket on a cold plane, rolled up and used as pillow on long trips, a cover for your head & shoulders when entering places of worship and they are awesome for beating cold air conditioning. 

Of course, you don’t have to be traveling to make use of your cashmere travel wraps. I keep two different colors at my desk (to color coordinate with any outfit) in case the air conditioning gets too cold.  I also wear them when I need an easy outfit; just combine with jeans and a t-shirt or plain top and you have a not so plain outfit!

I also take my cashmere poncho camping; there’s just something about a poncho and nature that seems so right!  Maybe it’s the influence of Client Eastwood in The Good, The Bad and the Ugly movies…😊

I love my travel wraps, and highly recommend them for anyone that travels regularly.

x Angela Boyce

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