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'So Soft, So Smart' Cashmere Travel Wrap & Blanket (Beige)

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Our Cashmere Travel Wrap is the perfect accessory for all your travels. It will transform you into a smart, savvy traveler that always has comfort and warmth with you when you need it. Wear it as a scarf at the airport to save room in your luggage, transform it into a blanket on the plane and wear it around town sightseeing or out to dinner as a glamorous wrap. Crafted from luxuriously soft cashmere and knitted in 12 gauge which creates a denser material, this wrap can be used in any season. In addition, it comes with a protective cotton bag to store it in, though it's so versatile you'll likely wear it all the time! 

Oh, and did we mention that cashmere feels amazing against your skin, is wrinkle-resistant making it perfect for travel, and gets even softer with use!

 Get inspired with 15 different ways to wear the cashmere travel wrap