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'I See You' Leather Travel Pouch Set

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Our Leather Travel Pouch set is clearly smart storage and will keep you organized while on the go. The set includes a clear leather trimmed pouch, passport holder, luggage tag and two cord wraps. With the clear design, you can see all your travel essentials at a glance, eliminating the stress of having to dig around in your purse or carry-on at critical times such as check-in and boarding. The pouch is designed to hold your passport, phone, boarding pass, air pods, and phone charger, plus any other essentials you need when traveling. This set is the perfect travel companion for any journey, offering organized storage wherever you go.

Oh, and a special mention for the leather passporrt holder, which protects your passport from thieves accessing your valuable information through it’s RFID blocking technology. Plus, there are plenty of slots for your essential travel cards, lounge passes, drink vouchers, etc.