Our Travel Hacking Hero The Points Guy Featured Our Cashmere Travel Set

We're a big fan of The Points Guy - he taught us a lot about travel hacking! So extremely flattered to see our 'Make Travel Luxurious Again' Cashmere Travel Set featured in his article '14 Best Gifts for The Extravagant Traveler'.  We've always thought of our products as travel hacking the in-flight experience!

In the era of shrinking aircraft and ancillary fees, it often seems that it simply doesn’t matter how much money you’re willing to spend or how many miles you redeem: You could still get stuck sitting too close to an annoying seatmate or be denied lounge access due to crowds. Fortunately, there’s the Jet&Bo “Make Travel Luxurious Again” travel set, which promises to upgrade even the least upscale travels to a first-class experience.

You can purchase the Jet&Bo Cashmere Travel Set here

Jet&Bo Luxury Travel Products

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