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5 Travel Wraps That Make Holiday Travel (Almost) Fun

Ahalife Cashmere Travel Wrap

Over the next month, many of us will be traveling to see friends and family for the holidays. It’s a great excuse to visit the people you care about, and once you reach your destination, you’ll have celebrations filled with fun, drinks, and great memories.  But, no matter how excited you are for those upcoming get-togethers, there’s still one thing standing in your way: holiday travel.  Whether you’re traversing the state, country, or globe, the road (or flight) there can be pretty busy, hectic, and stressful.  To take the edge out of travel, we’ve come up with five travel wraps you can get to make holiday travel more comfortable and enjoyable.

Jet&Bo ‘So Soft, So Smart’ Lightweight Cashmere Travel Wrap

Jet&Bo’s founder has spent a lot of time traveling, and that inspired her to make long flights more comfortable. Enter Jet&Bo’s luxury travel wraps. The ‘So Soft, So Smart’ is 100% cashmere, lightweight, and designed to be versatile. And, because this wrap is compact, it’s easy to fit in your carry-on and pull out mid-flight whenever you need it.

Jet&Bo 100% Pure Cashmere Travel Wrap

Crafted with pure cashmere in a 12-gauge knit, this versatile wrap is a great choice whether you’re traveling to London or Los Angeles. Thanks to its generous size and soft feel, it will keep you warm and may even have you looking forward to your next flight.

Jet&Bo Cashmere Travel Wraps

Jet&Bo Cashmere Ponchos

Jet&Bo Cashmere Travel Sets

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