How to Choose the Best Cashmere Wrap for Your Travel Needs

How to Choose the Best Cashmere Travel Set for Your Needs

Looking to invest in a cashmere travel wrap and overwhelmed by all the different styles available?

Wraps, scarves, blankets, ponchos, and capes all technically fall under the travel wrap umbrella. A cashmere travel wrap can be one of the most versatile clothing items you own.  Given the array of different styles available, the benefits of each should be weighed up against your travel needs.   

Here are the things you need to consider when purchasing a cashmere travel wrap.

1) Do you want this to be a versatile travel accessory that you can wear multiple ways?

If you want it to be versatile, then choose a plain cashmere travel wrap scarf i.e. a rectangular shape.  Items that come with sleeves, pockets or armholes are generally going to have less versatility than a plain wrap.  A plain travel wrap can be worn in so many ways, click here for inspiration with 15 different ways to style

Jet&Bo 'So Soft, So Smart' Cashmere Travel Wrap - Black - Folded

2) Do you have a specific use in mind, like keeping warm on planes, trains, buses etc.?

If keeping warm from air conditioning on your chosen mode of transport is the most important thing for you, then a cashmere blanket or poncho is the best choice.  Larger wraps made of 12-gauge cashmere function well as a blanket, while the benefit of a poncho is that it’s a wearable blanket that won’t fall off!

Jet&Bo Cashmere Poncho

3) Is it important for it to be lightweight and easily packable?

Then choose a plain cashmere travel wrap in a 7-gauge knit.  This is very lightweight, while still providing warmth against cold air conditioning or a chilly summer night.  It packs down small in your handbag or carry-on and can be worn as a scarf to save space in luggage.

Jet&Bo 'So Soft, So Smart' Cashmere Travel Wrap - Beige

4) Do you need full range of movement and arms free while wearing?

A cashmere travel poncho is going to be the best bet.  It works like a wrap, but is much easier to move around freely in.  It slips on over your head, giving you all that cashmere warmth, and will often have arm holes as well.

Jet&Bo 'Sky High Siesta' Cashmere Travel Poncho

5) Are you looking for something that offers a lot of warmth?

If you’re cold all the time, ply and gauge is an important factor. The higher the ply and gauge numbers the warmer the cashmere.  If bundling up is your thing the larger wraps that double as blankets and scarves are going to keep you cozy.  Capes and ponchos are also great for extra warmth as more cashmere is used.

Jet&Bo ' So Soft, So Smart' Cashmere Travel Wrap - Black

6) Are you on the shorter side?

Shorter than average people need to weigh the pros and cons of each wrap style. Most travel wraps are generously sized, so that they also work as a blanket.  However the length of plain cashmere travel wraps can be adjusted based on how you style the wrap and oversized scarves are fashion forward.  The length of ponchos and capes is not adjustable so ensure you know the length before purchasing.

Jet&Bo 'So Soft, So Smart' Cashmere Travel Wrap - Beige - Long

A travel wrap can keep you warm on a chilly airplane and be used as travel blanket on a long bus ride. It can cover your shoulders when entering churches, dress up a plain outfit for an evening out, and add an extra layer of warmth as you sightsee into the evening hours.  Choose your cashmere travel wrap wisely and you’ll have an investment in your travel accessories and a trusty travel companion!

If you still need help deciding which style is right for you take our quiz here

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