Top 12 Ways to Earn Air Miles & Points to Use Towards Luxury Travel

Travel is expensive, luxury travel even more so!  One way to achieve your travel goals is to earn and use air miles & points.  There are many more ways to earn miles & points than you may think...  Here are our top 12:

  1. Dining Rewards Programs
  2. Airline Shopping Portals for Online Shopping
  3. Purchasing eGift Cards through the MileagePlus X App
  4. Airline/Travel Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses
  5. Airline/Travel Credit Card Spend
  6. Airline/Travel Credit Card Referrals (referring friends to sign up)
  7. Flying
  8. Hotel Bookings
  9. Car Rentals
  10. Uber & Lyft Rides
  11. Audience Rewards Program
  12. Completing Surveys

We'll discuss each of these methods to earn air miles & points in-depth in upcoming blog posts!

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