Top 12 Ways to Earn Air Miles & Points to Use Towards Luxury Travel

Travel is expensive, luxury travel even more so!  One way to achieve your travel goals is to earn and use air miles & points.  There are many more ways to earn miles & points than you may think...  Here are our top 12:

  1. Dining Rewards Programs
  2. Airline Shopping Portals for Online Shopping
  3. Purchasing eGift Cards through the MileagePlus X App
  4. Airline/Travel Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses
  5. Airline/Travel Credit Card Spend
  6. Airline/Travel Credit Card Referrals (referring friends to sign up)
  7. Flying
  8. Hotel Bookings
  9. Car Rentals
  10. Uber Rides
  11. Audience Rewards Program
  12. Completing Surveys

We'll discuss each of these methods to earn air miles & points in-depth in upcoming blog posts!

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