Listen to the Soothing Sounds of Airline Boarding Music

Soothing Sounds of Airline Boarding Music

For those of you who are missing travel right now, we’ve compiled a list of airline boarding music that will take you back to your airplane seat.


Airline boarding music is designed to create a particular atmosphere and set a specific tone for passengers as they board the aircraft. The science behind it is based on the psychology of music and its effects on human emotions.


Research has shown that music can profoundly affect people's moods and behavior. For example, it can induce feelings of relaxation, excitement, or even sadness, depending on the type of music and the context in which it is played.


Airline boarding music is typically chosen to create a calming and reassuring atmosphere, which can help reduce passengers' anxiety and stress levels. This is particularly important during boarding, which can be a hectic and stressful experience for many travelers.


While many airlines play radio hits during boarding these days, the below airlines have their own signature music. As it's designed to be soothing, it's great music to listen to at home and while working.


Pick your favorite!


Lufthansa Boarding Music


Qantas Boarding Music


Etihad Boarding Music


Emirates Boarding Music


Qatar Boarding Music


Singapore Airlines Boarding Music


Cathay Pacific Boarding Music 


Turkish Airlines Boarding Music


Thai Airways Boarding Music


Eva Air Boarding Music


Malaysian Airlines Boarding Music

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