Earning Air Miles While Watching Broadway Shows

Earning Air Miles While Watching Broadway Shows


You can earn air miles when you buy tickets to Broadway shows with the Audience Rewards Network. It is a New York centric program (sorry everyone else) as it’s the official rewards program of Broadway. 


When tickets to participating shows are purchased points are earned. You have the option of earning Audience Rewards points, or earning United Airlines miles or Amtrak points. There is no cost to join the Audience Rewards Network.


On average, you earn several hundred points per ticket. There are special offers for certain shows, whereby if you are buying premium tickets you can earn a lot more points, BUT, you may be able to buy the tickets cheaper if you don’t take up the offer, so it’s worth checking before committing.


To sign up visit www.audiencerewards.com and click on the “Join” button. After you have created a password and completed the enrollment process, you will receive confirmation via a pop-up screen and a follow-up email that will provide you with your account number. 


Whenever you purchase tickets to a participating show through Telecharge or Ticketmaster, you will be prompted to join or enter your Audience Rewards account number. 


When you join, you will be earning Audience Rewards points by default. To change this so you will be earning air miles, click on the link on the top right-hand corner that says ‘Welcome + your name’. This will take you to your Account Profile page. Once there you will have several menu options. Choose the one that says, ‘Select Point Earning Preferences / Add New Partner’. Click on ‘edit’ next to this menu item and from there tick United Airlines to earn air miles.


To know which shows will earn you points, you can check out https://www.audiencerewards.com/tickets and every show listed there is eligible. When you click on a show via the Audience Rewards website it will take you through to the official ticket issuers page i.e. Telecharge or Ticketmaster, to purchase the tickets.


Whether you’re a huge Broadway show fan and see lots of shows a year, or if you just go for special occasions, it makes sense to get the extra value from your purchase by earning air miles.


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