Earning Air Miles by Taking Online Surveys

Earning Air Miles for Taking Online Surveys


Completing surveys for airline miles is one of the slower and more time-consuming ways to earn air miles or points.  If you have the time though, and are happy disclosing your habits and opinions, the air miles and points you earn can add up!


All the main US Airlines have a partnership with a survey company.  You can also earn miles for non-US airline programs with a few of the survey companies e.g. Air France, Etihad, Iberia,


Below is a list of the main US Airlines and their survey partners. 

Alaska offer miles through The Opinion Terminal

American offers miles through e-Rewards and Miles for Opinions

Hawaiian offers miles through Opinions Take Flight

JetBlue offers points through Points For Surveys

Southwest is partnered with e-Rewards

Spirit has Miles for Thoughts

United offers miles for taking surveys through its Opinion Miles Club and My Points partners

Virgin America is partnered with e-Rewards


You usually earn a good sign up bonus of a few hundred to a thousand miles / points after taking your first survey.  After that, you will often earn less than 100 per survey. 


If your chosen airline, partners with several survey sites, you can sign-up to all of them and complete your first survey to earn a quick few thousand air miles or points!


The length of the surveys vary greatly, with some taking just a few minutes and others taking an hour. You won’t qualify for every survey available to you, which can be frustrating, as you usually have to spend time answering qualifying questions first.  Some of the survey sites will award you a small amount of air miles or points for answering the qualifying questions even though you don’t qualify for the survey.


If you don’t complete any surveys for a while, the sites will email you multiple times to entice you back, with increasing point offers.  This can be a lucrative strategy, but you do have to put up with the multiple emails…


Personally, I think completing your first survey for the sign-up bonus is worth it.  However, the rewards offered for completing future surveys can be small, and the time vs. value relationship isn’t there.  Though if I needed just a few hundred miles to top up my account to redeem for a flight, I would spend a few hours completing surveys to do it!


Here’s a link to a great blog post that outlines the pro’s and con’s of each of the survey companies offerings.


Go forth and earn air miles doing surveys!


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