No, No, Mine, Not Yours!

No, No, Mine Not Yours

We've been busy at Jet&Bo launching new products...  Meet the newest member of the Jet&Bo family, our cheeky 'Mine, Not Yours' Leather Luggage Tags.  These little leather rascals will separate you from the crowd and let everyone know your bags are for your hands only and do it whilst being the stylish new kids on the block!

Jet&Bo Mine, Not Yours Leather Luggage Tags
Jet&Bo ‘Mine, Not Yours’ Leather Luggage Tags
For checked and carry-on bags to make sure everyone knows they’re yours!

They’re made from Saffiano leather for durability and the insert features room for your name, email and phone number.  You should never put your physical address on your luggage tags as it alerts people to where you live and that you’re away traveling, leaving your home vulnerable.  If an airline loses your bag, they can contact you by phone or email to request the address to send it to.

Jet&Bo ‘Mine Not Yours’ Leather Luggage Tags

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