Introducing the Jet&Bo ‘Dream Envy’ Cashmere Eye Mask

Introducing the Jet&Bo Dream Envy Cashmere Eye Mask

We’re excited to introduce this new addition, the 'Dream Envy' Cashmere Eye Mask, to the Jet&Bo product range!  Made from 100% pure cashmere, the eye mask provides luxurious relaxation while traveling and at home.

Most people use cotton or silk eye masks.  A cashmere eye mask is a luxurious alternative.  It may sound strange, but cashmere across your eyes is a very pleasant feeling.

The other huge advantage that the cashmere eye mask has over its cotton and silk rivals is that it is very lightweight and the strap is cashmere not elastic.  What this means is that there is no unwanted pressure felt around the eyes or on your head from the weight or the elastic.  The cashmere strap naturally expands to fit all size adult heads (male and female) without feeling tight or creating any pressure.

A cashmere eye mask is an investment in your travel accessories, and while it’s perfect for travel, the luxurious feeling is also great for relaxation during yoga, wellness or meditation.

Click here for more details on the Jet&Bo 'Dream Envy' Cashmere Eye Mask!

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