I See You!

Jet&Bo I See You Leather Travel Pouch Set

Introducing our ‘Clearly Smart Storage’ solution for all your onboard travel documents and essentials.  The Jet&Bo ‘I See You’ Leather Travel Pouch Set will help you locate those travel essentials at a glance.

The Travel Pouch is clear with leather trim so you can easily see and locate your boarding pass, passport, phone and other essentials. 

Jet&Bo I See You Leather Travel Pouch

Included in the set is a leather RFID blocking passport cover to keep your passport safe from wear and tear and to stop thieves from accessing your information electronically.

There is a leather luggage tag for easy identification of your suitcase, so you and everyone else knows it yours, and two leather cable wraps to keep your phone charger and headphones tidy and tangle-free.

Jet&Bo I See You Leather Travel Pouch Set

The pouch is a convenient size to hold at the airport when checking in and fits easily into an airplane seat pocket so everything is within easy reach throughout your flight.

And as with all our products, it comes packaged in a high-quality Jet&Bo gift box, making it perfect to present as a gift.

Jet&Bo gift Box

When not traveling, the pouch and cord wraps are perfect for keeping your day to day essentials in your handbag or backpack. 

Clearly Smart Storage!

Jet&Bo 'I See You' Leather Travel Pouch Set

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