Holiday Gift Guide: 18 Gift Ideas to Upgrade the Flight Experience

Here are 18 of our favorite gift ideas that will upgrade the flight experience for the traveler in your life.  Give the next best thing to an actual upgrade, this holiday season!

1.  Jet&Bo ‘Make Travel Luxurious Again’ Cashmere Travel Set

Jet&Bo Cashmere Travel Set

Who doesn’t want to be swaddled in cashmere while flying?!

Set contains 100% cashmere blanket, eye mask, socks and carry / pillow case

Available in black, gray and natural

To buy: $380  Jet&Bo


2.  The Frequent Flyer Cocktail Kit

W&P Design Cocktail Kits

Everything that’s needed to jazz up airline drinks.  It’s kind of like being in first class, standing round the on-board bar mingling with other passengers and ordering any cocktail you like.

Includes a set of the Old Fashioned, Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule, Bloody Mary and Champagne Cocktail Kits.

To buy: $100  W&P Design


3.  Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy

Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy

A soothing pulse-point roll-on that brings a sense of calm and relaxation while flying.

To buy: $31  Aesop


4.  Jet&Bo ‘Dream Envy’ Cashmere Eye Mask

Jet&Bo Cashmere Eye Mask

A sophisticated looking eye mask that caresses the face with cashmere.  The eye mask is super lightweight and as the whole eye mask is cashmere including the strap, there is no unwanted pressure on the face or eyes.

Available in black, gray and natural

To buy: $45  Jet&Bo


5.  BBBYO Travel Water Bottles

BBBYO Water Bottles

Perfect for staying hydrated on a flight.  The bottles are double-walled so drinks will remain cold for up to 24 hours.  Plus, these bottles come with a protective neoprene carry cover, making them portable and perfect for traveling with.  Fill up the water bottle after security and pop a few ice cubes in when the drinks trolley comes past in-flight. 

Available in a variety of sizes and styles

To buy: From $40  Jet&Bo


6.  The Huzi Infinity Travel Pillow

Huzi Infinity Pillow

While not quite as good as being able to lie down in business class, this innovative pillow will help with finding a comfortable position to sleep in.

Available in gray and navy

To buy: $45  Huzi


7.  Roe Caviar Gift Set

Roe Caviar Gift Set

For a truly first class feel, gift the indulgent luxury of caviar.

To buy: $100  Saks 5th Ave


8.  Jet&Bo ‘Economy Class Rebellion’ Luxury Amenity Kit

Jet&Bo Economy Class Rebellion Luxury Amenity Kit

Remember when airlines gave out amenity kits in coach!?!  Well that doesn't happen anymore…  Give the gift of rebellion with silk and cashmere!

The amenity kit contains 100% cashmere socks (women’s or men’s size), 100% mulberry silk eye mask, hydrating facial mist and a carry-on cocktail kit.

To buy: $125  Jet&Bo


9.  The Endeavor Travel Pouch by Parisa NYC

Endeavour Flight Pouch

A beautiful and practical leather pouch to store your passport and travel documents in while traveling.  May as well look stylish while flying.

Available in Black, Blue and Caramel

To buy: $75  Ahalife


10.  Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears

Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears

Airlines typically don’t serve real champagne in coach, and you’re not allowed to bring your own…  Here’s the perfect way to enjoy champagne in coach without getting into trouble!

Made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne

To buy: $8.50  Sugarfina


11.  Grown Alchemist Flight Kit

Grown Alchemist Flight Kit

This kit contains products that will keep skin hydrated during a flight; facial mist, lip balm, hand cream and cuticle oil

To buy: $100  Grown Alchemist


12.  Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

It’ll be so quiet, it’ll feel like first class.

Available in Black and Silver

To buy: $349.95  Bose


13.  Jet&Bo ‘So Soft, So Smart’ Cashmere Travel Wrap

Jet&Bo Cashmere Travel Wrap

A very versatile travel accessory; it can be worn as a scarf, wrap or blanket.  Perfect for wearing onto the plane as a scarf and transforming into a blanket when seated.

To buy: $210  Jet&Bo


14.  Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist

Chanel Beauty Hydra Mist

A very fancy facial spray for keeping skin hydrated in-flight.  It also come in a Chanel keepsake box…

To buy: $90  Chanel


15.  This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray

This Works Pillow Spray

Provides immediate relief for temporary sleeplessness, via a blend of lavender that gradually releases the benefits as you sleep.  Perfect for on the plane, and in the days following when you’re suffering from jet lag.

To buy: $46  This Works


16.  Priority Pass  Lounge Access

Priority Pass Card

Give the gift of lounge access with a Priority Pass membership planPriority Pass is accepted at airport lounges in over 400 cities around the world and like traditional airline-operated lounges, complimentary beverages, snacks and internet access are provided.

Three types of membership plans are available: Standard ($99), Standard Plus ($249), Prestige ($399)

To buy: From $99  Priority Pass


17.  1 Above Travel Recovery Drink – Effervescent Tablets

1 Above Flight Recovery Drink Tablets

These tablets fight jet lag and support immunity, circulation & hydration. You’ll feel better after your flight, much like if you’d had a relaxing sleep lying down in business class.

To buy: $15.52  1 Above


18.  Fly Legs Up Flight Hammock

Fly Legs Up Flight Hammock

Not a glamorous product, and it will elicit funny looks from fellow passengers, but it’s the best invention to-date for elevating legs in coach.

To buy: $69.96 AUD  Fly Legs Up




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