A Review of the 'Economy Class Rebellion' Luxury Airline Amenity Kits by The Casual Travelist

Casual Travelist's Review of our Economy Class Rebellion Luxury Amenity Kits

We sent The Casual Travelist our 'Economy Class Rebellion' Luxury Amenity Kit to use on her recent transatlantic trip.  She wrote a blog post detailing her experience with the kits and these are our favorite parts:

"Each Economy Class Rebellion Luxury Amenity Kit features a stylish leather carrying case containing items to make you journey a lot more comfortable. Both kits come with 100% cashmere socks and mulberry silk eye masks (any rebellion that involves cashmere and silk is one I can get behind),  while the women’s kit has Dermologica’s Ultracalming Facial Mist and the men’s kit has Demologica’s Multivitamin Hand Cream to combat the dry cabin air."

"As soon as we settled in I kicked off my shoes and slipped on my cashmere socks and my feet were surrounded in pure coziness (we’re talking cashmere here folks and really, does it get any better than that?). After the in-flight dinner the lights dimmed and it was time to get some rest. Now, I’ve always been one to use an eye mask when flying overnight but have always fallen into a bit of a Goldilocks scenario. The band was too tight or didn’t adjust,the mask was a bit scratchy or did not have enough coverage allowing light to come in; and let’s not talk about how my hair looked afterward. The pure silk eye mask from Jet&Bo was different, the band adjusted easily, left no indents in my hair and blocked the light out completely, not to mention just how luxurious it felt to have silk against my face. After waking a few spritzes of my Dermologica facial mist and I was good to go. It’s amazing how much these extra little creature comforts left feeling me more human after a 7.5 hour flight."

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The 'Economy Class Rebellion' Luxury Airline Amenity Kits are available in both a women's and men's version.

Jet&Bo 'Economy Class Rebellion' Luxury Amenity Kits

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