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September 08, 2018

Travel Hacking with Products: This Company's Product Range is Designed to Help You Upgrade Your In-Flight Experience

Brooklyn based company Jet&Bo are making waves with their collection of luxury travel products. Their line of travel accessories is designed to bring luxury and comfort back to travel and with the company’s founder having an abundance of travel experience from backpacking to first class, have been designed as the perfect travel companions for any journey.  The line consists of cashmere travel sets, wraps and eye masks, luxury amenity kits and garment folders.  Each product line has a unique tongue-in-cheek name such as the ‘Make Travel Luxurious Again’ Cashmere Travel Set or the ‘Economy Class Rebellion’ Luxury Amenity Kit.

“I like to think of our range as travel hacking with products.  Travel hacking has had a surge in popularity over the past few years, I’m sure everyone has heard of The Points Guy by now.  Travel hacking is the art of free and discounted travel, and I liken our products to that as they help upgrade the in-flight experience, without the expense of a business class ticket.  Our cashmere travel set is actually more luxurious than anything you would get in business or first class!” says Angela Boyce, Founder of Jet&Bo.

“Being prepared for your flight can make it infinitely more comfortable.  By bringing your own blanket, pillow and eye mask set as well as an amenity kit stocked with everything you need plus a little pampering can make the flight more comfortable and even enjoyable.  You’ll be better rested when you land and ready to take on the day, whether for business or your vacation”.

Jet&Bo’s line of luxury travel products are available online across a select number of websites including their own Products range in price from $30 up to $360. 

Jet&Bo ‘Make Travel Luxurious Again’ Cashmere Travel Set $360

  • Travel set contains a blanket, eye mask, socks and carry case that doubles as a pillowcase for airline supplied pillows – all made from 100% pure cashmere

Jet&Bo ‘Economy Class Rebellion’ Luxury Amenity Kit $125

  • Amenity kit includes 100% pure cashmere socks, mulberry silk eye mask, hydrating facial mist and a carry-on cocktail kit all contained in a leather amenity bag for a relaxing flight

Jet&Bo ‘So Soft, So Smart’ Cashmere Travel Wrap $160 - $210

  • 100% pure cashmere travel wrap available in two different weights that can be worn in a multitude of ways

Jet&Bo ‘Sky High Siesta’ Cashmere Poncho Travel Set $280

  • 100% pure cashmere poncho and matching eye mask – the poncho is more than just a clothing item, it’s a blanket that won’t fall off while you’re sleeping

Jet&Bo ‘B’air Essentials’ Cashmere Travel Kit $125

  • 100% pure cashmere eye mask, socks and carry pouch – the minimalist version of the cashmere travel set

Jet&Bo ‘Dream Envy’ Cashmere Eye Mask $49

  • 100% pure cashmere eye mask that is so soft and lightweight you won’t feel a thing

Jet&Bo ‘Better Dressed Than the Rest’ Travel Garment Folders $30 - $55

  • Canvas garment folder that compresses clothes for travel, keeps them organized and helps avoids wrinkles so you can look your best

High resolution product images can be downloaded here


More about Jet&Bo: Having traveled to 50+ countries, from backpacking to first class, finding ways to make the journey more comfortable started to become important to Jet&Bo founder Angela Boyce in her 30’s. Realizing that you can make a long flight infinitely more comfortable by being prepared, Angela began taking her own amenity kit on flights. This DIY kit was the inspiration for starting the brand Jet&Bo. The ‘Economy Class Rebellion’ luxury amenity kit was born, and since its’ inception in 2016, Jet&Bo has expanded to include a range of luxury travel products designed to upgrade the in-flight experience.


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